New revision of Photo Ionisation Detektor (PID)

The Photo Ionisation Detector (PID), which is optionally available for our range of online gaschromatographs, has been completely redesigned. The detector features an electrode-less, radio frequency excited UV lamp, which provides increased UV intensity and extended lifetime. Due to the new design of the ionisation chamber it was possible to improve the sensitivity of the detector considerably for about 30%. This allows monitoring e.g. of aromatic hydrocarbons at concentration levels in the sub-ppb range even without sample enrichment prior to sample injection.

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ChromPerfect® now standard on all online GC systems

Any gas chromatograph of the GC 4000 or GC 5000 series now will be shipped with the powerful Chrom Perfect®Chromatography Data System. Thus the end user will get in a bundle with our instruments one of the most advanced 32-bit Chromatography Data Systems available on the market. By working closely together with Justice Laboratory Software, one of the leading and most innovative suppliers of chromatography software, the program has been fully integrated into our analyzer control software. This allows for easy access and convenient analyzer set-up.

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GC 4000 analyzer extends range of Online GC Systems

AMA Instruments introduces the new GC 4000 series of online gaschromatographs, which has especially been developed for industrial applications as well as for occupational health and safety monitoring. The analyzer features an isothermal column oven and is always the best choice for monitoring of a single component or just a few components. An integrated display and control panel, various types of detectors, a stripping column device as well as a calibration gas selector for automated analyzer validation or calibration are optionally available for the GC 4000.

GC 4000 Technical Data Sheet (PDF 0,8 MB)

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